Following what process do you decide to work with Martin (Long Term Missions)

  1. You have a real problem. One of your companies or major departments is not performing well at all. Another one is doing very well but you are missing lots of opportunities in the market and you absolutely want to take advantage of them.
  2. You invite Martin over for a talk. He listens, reacts to what you say and explains how he works. Either you and him think he can help you, or you don't. If you don't, end of story. Nothing lost. If you do, you go further.
  3. You hire him for a period of 6 months. He starts taking care of the day to day management of your business. All day to day decisions are taken within the Management Team of your company and fully documented. In case of doubt, Martin turns to you for guidance.
  4. Martin goes around and interviews your Management Team and key staff, as well as your stakeholders at large (after prior consultation with you). He ends up with the points of view of all stakeholders. He is in possession of all relevant information on the functioning of your organisation and on the expectations of you and your business environment.
  5. He summarises and presents his findings to you in his 'Inception report'. You agree on an overall action plan, on objectives and targets.
  6. In close cooperation with your Management Team, Martin develops a detailed strategy and several action plans. The Management Team commits to it.
  7. You may decide to submit this strategy and action plans to your Board for approval.
  8. After approval, the implementation stage starts. You have regular contacts with Martin.
  9. After 5 months, you receive his Project Report. You decide whether you go on or not after the sixth month.